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Hi and Welcome to Confetti and Starlight, where we are all about helping neurodivergent people discover and become their favorite selves! If you are neurodivergent and determined to have fun and love yourself and everyone else, then you’ll fit right in 🙂 

What exactly does favorite self mean? Well, I first learned about it on Instagram:

As someone with anxiety, depression and ADHD, it can be pretty difficult to feel like “my best self” because my brain (and society) is constantly telling me that I’m a failure and a loser and not good enough, so how am I supposed to be my “best”? 

I suppose I could keep trying to figure it out, but why would I when becoming my favorite self sounds so much better! My favorite self is the Birdie that I like the best, right now. My ADHD brain makes it really hard to pick just one favorite anything, but I can pick a favorite for right now and that gives me a guideline without making me feel stifled or trapped into one outcome.

So that’s what we’re doing here, learning how to define and become our favorite selves. 

What we aren’t doing

We are NOT here to “fix” ourselves or change who we are. Many of us may feel “broken” because of our neurodivergence but we aren’t. We are simply living in a society that wasn’t created for us. 

Really, we aren’t even learning how to exist in this society, we are learning to love ourselves as we are and use the available tools and techniques to become the version of ourselves that we like best. 

That sounds kind of conflicting, loving ourselves as we are but also becoming a new version of ourselves?

OK, point in your favor. For the sake of brevity, I used inexact words. Let me try to clarify:

 We are learning to love who we are at our core, our inner selves if you will.

We are discovering and becoming our favorite version of our inner selves external expression of that self. We are learning how to use tools to help us set and meet goals, create new habits and routines, manage our emotions (manage, not ignore) and what that external expression of ourselves looks like. We are NOT trying to change our personalities or identities, we are trying to find our personality after years of masking and pretending for the comfort of others. We ARE trying to learn how to not have angry outbursts at work that get us fired along with tools and techniques that will help us do so.

Who are you?

I’m Birdie and I’m a hot mess. I have anxiety, depression, and ADHD (unofficial diagnoses but I am in the process of getting a formal diagnosis). That means that my brain works differently than most people and I have a much harder time setting goals, making plans, and creating new habits/routines. Knowing that, I understand why many of the growth goals I’ve tried to set for myself have gone nowhere, they weren’t goals that worked for me and how my brain works, they were goals for people with neurotypical brains. So I will be sharing all I’ve learned about personal growth as someone who is neurodivergent.

Why are you qualified to help people?

Well, I’ve been studying personal growth and development for over 5 years, and upleveling myself and my skills for at least 15. I’m a sucker for data so most of what you’ll find here will be backed up with data. However, I will also be sharing what worked for me and even things that didn’t work for me but that have worked for others. 

What does my favorite Birdie look like? 

Well, as mentioned, it fluctuates on a daily basis but there are a few qualities that stay consistent.

My favorite Birdie chooses love and joy. She prioritizes people over profits. She forgives herself and others when they fail to meet her expectations. She loves herself more than anything and takes wonderful care of herself. She wants the world to be happy.

Why Confetti and Starlight?

The name Confetti and Starlight came about while I was brainstorming descriptive words as I was trying to define my brand. I started combining different words and when I got to confetti and starlight, I just knew it was the one. 

It doesn’t hurt that the words Confetti & Starlight remind me of two of my favorite songs:

Confetti Falling by Big Time Rush 


Starlight by Taylor Swift